Every sample is hand-made
approximately 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ thick.

Other thicknesses available upon request.


Kiln formed glass, or “slumping,” is a heat process that embosses a texture on glass. It is a great option to create privacy while allowing the light to pass through.  As with our other kiln-formed glass, cleaning is simple, no sealing necessary and no volatile organic compounds emitted.  Designs can be abstract or literal – from organic to logos.

Here are some of our most popular options:

  • Water Texture: gives a calm, flowing texture with linear strips alluding to its namesake.
  • Water Texture with Crumbles: gives more movement and a heavier texture to the flowing texture of its partner Water texture.
  • Crumbles: gives a heavy organic look without any literal imagery.
  • Luna: we take our Water Texture with Crumbles texture and apply mirroring artistically to the texture. What makes this special is the highlighted color on the bottom. The color glows with light.
  • Elevator: has a satin texture that adds a soft opacity, perfect for privacy applications.
  • Optic Flow: has a deep texture which creates small lens bubbles that allow greater obscurity without losing the clarity of the glass.
  • Maru: similar to optic flow, Maru features multiple lines which create a lens effect that allow greater obscurity without losing the clarity of the glass.
  • Fire Polish: gives deliberate texture to both sides of the glass. Imagery or logos are carved into the top surface of the glass with texture embossed onto the bottom surface. The heat used to emboss the bottom of the glass with texture also returns the carved design back to a glassy surface while retaining the imagery. This allows obscurity without the usual frosty look of etched or carved glass.
  • Applied Color: has endless possibilities. Our most common example of fused glass is our Sea Glass. Multi-colored Sea Glass evokes the glass that might be found along the shore.  The colors are muted, as would be glass that has tumbled in the sea for eons.  The interesting texture is made of colored pieces that are randomly sprinkled throughout the top of a flat sheet of glass. We use processes similar to this to achieve myriad designs in glass and color.


Suggested UseDoor and window lites, divider panels, signage
Weight¼” thick 3lbs./ Sq. ft
ColorClear, green tint, blue, bronze
Max Dimensions12′ x 6′
Suggested Thickness1/4″ – 3/8″ thick
Max Thickness3/4″ thick
SafetyCan be tempered